The Process

Email or call Alexandra.

You message should be returned within 24 hours.  This first exchange is an opportunity for Alexandra to get a preliminary understanding of the difficulties.

Initial consultation. This is a two-hour package. This includes reviewing past tests and reports, if available, and a general history. If the reports are sent ahead of time, one hour can be prepped ahead. Please provide any information and assessments that you feel will be useful. This is a time for Alexandra to get a complete picture of the situation. Open communication and trust between Alexandra and her clients are the foundation to providing the best possible outcomes for the person who is seeking to improve their options through improved brain function. Alexandra is dedicated to building that.

Alexandra will provide a summary with recommendations.

Alexandra will be available for follow-up consultation at an hourly rate.  While it may be that the initial consultation and recommendations are sufficient, Alexandra is available for follow-up consultations.  These can be scheduled regularly or as needed.

“You CAN change your brain, and when you do… you change your life.”

~Dr. Daniel Amen , one of the leading psychiatrists and brain health experts and founder of the Amen Clinics