When I think of how far Bertie has come, I need to thank you most particularly for your support and guidance in what was a very worrying time. We were panicked and overloaded, and the way you took stock, identified the underlying issues, and gave us a clear plan was invaluable.

You were so positive and pragmatic, it really empowered us. The speech and occupational therapy that the UK system prescribed was just papering over the cracks and I have no doubt we would be in a very different place had we not met you and we will always be grateful.

C. R. Parents of 3 children ages 2, 6 and 8, London, England.

You are super helpful! Thanks very much for your very detailed information!

Adult client in his 50’s. August 2022.

I want to thank you once again for encouraging me to seek help and educating me on neuroplasticity and various programs. Thank you, you really are a wonderful human being and you have helped to improve my quality of life in ways that are beyond what I had hoped for!

Adult client, age 78. Vancouver, BC

Love working with you! You are soooo caring! You treat my children’s issues like they are your own. So happy I found you!

Mother of 2 sons 13 and 17. She has a master’s degree in Biochemistry and a doctorate degree in the field of cell and molecular biology. Long Beach, California.

I could not have continued this journey if it was not for you.  Equipped with unique knowledge, so supportive, and a humongous heart!

A mother who is a psychologist with a 17-year-old girl. Palo Alto, California.

Thank you, Alexandra, for being so patient with us throughout. You opened an absolutely new horizon for us to explore and gain from for our child. We’ll be forever grateful.

Mother of 5.7 year old girl in Kolkata, India.

Thanks again for your time and expertise yesterday.  I think both Andrew and I have taken a deep breath for the first time in quite a while as we feel that we are finally headed in a positive direction for Mags.

Parents of a teenager in Austin, TX

As a parent I couldn’t do what you do. It is so difficult as a parent to find the right place to go. I Googled everything. But I didn’t find anything like the center you found. I didn’t know who to trust. Your recommendations and research made it easier. It helped me see the big picture.

Thank you for answering my questions, clarifying all of the therapies and alerting me to new information. I have a deeper understanding and will continue to develop it. It is the first time I see a future for Annie!

  • You are the best option to navigate through the complex expanding educational/neuroplastic field.
  • A lot of time is needed to navigate and comprehend the explosion of new information and therapies that I just don’t have. I cannot keep up with it, even though I don’t work and I have a degree in the sciences.
  • You are uniquely qualified because of your educational background and professional experience. This allows you to adeptly find, assess and summarize current and new therapy options.
  • Your network of past and current clients with diverse challenges participating in many different therapies or programs provides you with data points of understanding and reinforcement of recommended therapies.
  • You have a network of trusted and knowledgeable professionals from around the world.
  • You have a background in education, psychology, cognitive programs and neuroplastic interventions of all types.
  • Your expertise will save us time and money.

-Mom of twins teenagers, San Mateo, CA

Just wanted to close the loop and say that we (my cofounder Mark and I) had the greatest coffee with Alexandra and we could have gone for hours longer. She is terrific and I can’t thank you enough for the introduction!  We will definitely be staying in touch. She opened up so much knowledge to us about the brain and the new frontiers that are now being explored. Absolutely fascinating.

Catherine Winkler, founder of MindfulGarden Digital Health.

Thank you for daring to get up close and touch our children and see the beauty from the inside out. You will never know how grateful we are.

Mother of a 20 year old, Seattle, Washington.

Thank you for sharing the wealth of your knowledge and experiences. Knowledge is power, and I feel more energized after the meeting! June 2019

Mother of a Daughter age 12, Seattle, Washington.

Thanks for all the great information. I’m trying to digest it all. It seemed like you gave us logical solid based tasks we can slowly implement throughout 2019, before we come back for the next phase.

K.H. Mother of a 9 year old boy, Vancouver, Canada.

My husband and I reflected this morning on how different this year feels to last. We were so worried about everything. Since we have spoken to you, and you gave us a plan to work to, life is joyful once more and we are very grateful. There is still so much to do but we can see progress and our son’s confidence is growing too, which is wonderful.

C. R. Parents of a 6-year-old boy, London, England.

It is not easy being a parent of a student who is struggling in school and in life. But having a partnership with Alexandra will provide you with additional options that could be incredibly useful and life-changing. She combines the practical reality of having spent years working with students in traditional classrooms as well as pioneering cognitive programs.  She has devoted her life to working with students to help them improve their cognitive abilities.

Alexandra amazes me with her knowledge of the practical application of cognitive and neuroscience technologies and programs for people with learning difficulties. If you are looking at this area to improve cognitive functioning and capacity, I highly recommend Alexandra’s support and guidance!

J.K. mother of twin girls, San Francisco, CA

We were lucky to have met Alexandra 4 years ago when we reached out to her for help when our son seemed lost within the education system.  From the very first moment she worked hard to identify the problems that were preventing him from learning, interacting with his social peers and achieving his full potential.

She has an open mind that seeks to explore all possibilities of support and she has surrounded herself with quality and professional peers that form that basis of her wide neuroplasticity network.  She is an innovative thinker and digs deep into the problems at hand for solutions.

Her insight, experience and empathy, has helped him and us to work towards solutions that has seen him begin to unlock his underlying potential.    She is a true professional who really cares.  We would absolutely recommend Alexandra to anyone who has a child or young adult that needs assistance in the area.  She is “Amazing”.

Thank you so much Alexandra, you have made such a difference to all­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ our lives.

T & W., Parents of a young adult son, Australia

I have known Alexandra for four years and I can’t recommend her highly enough to help people navigate the complex world of learning disabilities and cognitive interventions. She has in depth knowledge about the many options available to help people strengthen their brains in order to overcome these challenges so they can lead happy and very successful lives.  She is extremely intelligent, well educated, compassionate, thoughtful, and a joy to work with. I have leveraged her consulting skills for several years for both my son and my daughter and have appreciated her thorough insights, in depth analytical analysis and most importantly her recommendations.  She has helped my whole family navigate this complex world and we have seen amazing positive changes for both our children and we could not have done this without her.  Alexandra, a HUGE THANK YOU, for all you have done for us. No words can recommend you highly enough.

D.L., mother of two elementary school aged children, Seattle WA

We are honestly blessed to have met Alexandra through a timely visit to Canada some 4 years ago. Alexandra is an incredibly passionate and articulate communicator in this field. After our initial 2 weeks visit to Canada to meet Alexandra, we were fully confident in our decision to literally sell up and move to Canada from Australia.

Over the past 4 years we have marveled at her compassion and care displayed for all her students both current and former. Coupled with that is her unique ability to look beyond the surface issues for each individual and see the small things that make such a difference. Uniquely, Alexandra is also a big picture person, who is always seeking out innovative approaches and methodologies to improve her own processes for the benefit of all those in her care. We always walk away from our meetings with Alexandra knowing that there is someone in our corner that is working tirelessly to make a significant impact in this field.

Alexandra is without doubt a benchmark for professionalism and integrity in this field and we have absolute confidence in her abilities and experience. We sincerely and wholeheartedly recommend that any prospective client or student take the time to meet with Alexandra, and welcome any opportunity to be contacted personally for reference or recommendation.

 A. & J H. parents of a young adult daughter, Australia

I cannot speak highly enough of Alexandra Dunnison who was Director of Eaton Cognitive Improvement Centre and the main reason my son Samuel and I moved to Vancouver from Australia in 2013. We wanted Samuel to participate in the Arrowsmith program under the auspices, care and control of Alexandra. Her concern for her students and their families, her professionalism and attention to detail are exemplary.

R. G., parent of a young adult student, Australia

Connecting with people comes very naturally to Alexandra. In my opinion, she is an expert in reading people; her background in assessing cognitive capacity has undoubtedly enhanced this. She can quickly assess where people are coming from and tailors her communication with people in an accessible way that ensures understanding. She has worked with a number of students who struggle with mental health and emotional well-being and has helped guide them to actions that enhanced their overall well-being.

She is genuinely interested in peoples’ lives and stories and remembers the details that have been shared with her, which has enabled her to provide excellent care to clients. Alexandra has to be the most genuine person that I know. Undoubtedly, the interactions that she had and the decisions that she made were always driven by her sense of responsibility and need for integrity. Certainly, another driving force behind her productivity and work ethic is Alexandra’s lively get-up-and-go energy.

A Colleague

I trust Alexandra.  I don’t say that easily.  Over the years I have worked with many professionals who have helped with our son’s learning issues.  She stands out.

Alexandra was never about selling me on any one program.  She was obviously passionate about finding the best and most accessible neuroplastic techniques to help our son.  When we decided to enroll him in the Arrowsmith program, where she was the manager, she wanted to ensure he would be ready to get the most out of it when he did attend. She therefore referred us to a practitioner who implemented a different technique near where we lived in California to help prepare our son for his work at the Arrowsmith program in Vancouver.  The suggestion was spot-on.  My son came back from school afterwards saying, “Mom, I could follow the teacher much better and take notes more easily!”   He was thrilled and we were thrilled.

Because we would have to move our son far away, she was willing to give up the enrollment at her center to suggest an Arrowsmith program that was closer to our home.  However, after my husband and I looked into that program, we decided to send our son to Alexandra’s more distant campus because Alexandra seemed more focused on what was best for our son.

Alexandra did not ask me to write this statement.  I offered to do so after I learned about her consulting business.

R.M.D., clinical psychologist and mother of a teenage son, California